Wild Sex Hunt with My Teacher

Wild Sex Hunt with My Teacher

Hello, this is Vicky, writing for the first time! This is a short sex story about how I and my biology teacher got into some nasty things and then were in a beautiful pleasure give and take agreement!

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So, this is a story from Junior college days. I had a biology teacher named Neha mam (name changed) aged 25 (unmarried)! She was a really beautiful lady slim with nice breasts and a superb ass, she was fair and a bit taller than an average Indian woman! I was keenly interested in Biology and worked on a variety of projects, so we had a good connection!

During my 12th standard, I was given a project of making slides of plant samples by her, I used to go in the lab in free time and do my project work with some other friends! As the term end approached we had a rush of completion and all of us got permission to use laboratory before college time for a week!

Neha mam used to come early for the whole week!
One day in that week, everyone else had almost finished their projects and were busy completing the writing work in class, I finished the writing work and went to mam for a final check.

She was there sitting in a yellow Punjabi dress and a greenish dupatta, I smiled at her and asked her to check me project work! She sat in a chair looking at me and smilingly said yes and started searching for her pen in her purse, as she searched her purse she kept her phone aside which she was holding in her hand, she forgot to lock it so I was able to see a tab of Top Delhi Escorts Stories running in the browser !

The phone then got locked before I could see something more, this moment induced a naughty thought in me about Neha mam! I respected her a lot but also admired her beauty! She found the pen and began correcting my project, she was bending down while reading so I was able to see her cleavage a bit, but not a lot! She once saw up and caught me staring at her!

She ignored it and continued checking the project! She corrected the whole report and told me to write some more details about one species, few more of my classmates suddenly came to get their projects checked, she gave me her phone and told me to search for the species before writing and complete it till she checks projects of other students!

I took the phone and quickly finished the project work and began scrolling through the phone to find some “important stuff”, but it seemed that she had closed the incognito tab before handing me the phone! After everyone else left she came to me and saw my project, she was happy seeing it and took the submission.

As I was leaving the laboratory, she stopped me and said
“I need some help, I need to keep all the lab stuff in their places, but the lab assistant has left as school is over !” I said sure, a naughty thought brushed my mind.

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The college was over, all our class had stayed and completed the projects, the last guy just left 5mins before I completed, so the building was almost empty! The biology lab was at end of a long corridor on the backside of all other labs and classes were on the floor below the lab, so on the floor, only 2 of us were there! I said yes, I will bring my bag and then will help her!

I ran to my class, on my way checked the floor and found out no one was there, I came back with my bag and started helping Neha mam in firstly washing the beakers and slides! I washed the beaker and she placed it on the shelf! While doing so, I purposely tried to get near her and touch her when possible, she got a hint of it but instead of ignoring she smiled at me this time.

After finishing the beaker washing, I asked her if I can call my parents to tell I am late because of the project, she agreed and gave me her phone, I called home and told mom about the completion, mom was fine with it and said okay just make sure to eat something and not staying hungry ! I said fine and gave mam her phone back, she said now we have to place the microscopes on the high shelf and then we can leave, she asked me whether I was comfortable in climbing up a stool.

I climbed up and asked her to hand me the microscopes, from the height I could see her cleavage more than before and was enjoying the sight! She gave me the first scope which I placed neatly while lifting the 2nd scope her dupatta slid a bit and I could see the cleavage clearly! She knew about the dupatta and yet didn’t bother to cover it!

After placing all the microscopes, I asked her if anything was left, she said no you may come down, I asked her to hold the stool as I climbed down, her dress was now fully showing her cleavage and some of the beautiful boobs, I started having a hardon. She caught me staring at her cleavage and covered it this time.

While getting down I purposely acted like I was falling, she quickly helped me in getting on my feet while doing so I touched her body and got on my feet and said thank you! She said that’s fine, glad you didn’t get hurt! She then just stared at me and smilingly asked, so what do you think !? I was surprised and asked, about what ???

Neha – The things which caused some moment in your pants!
Me – I don’t get you, mam
Neha – Aww don’t act, I am a bio teacher I know what you were seeing from the stool, I know what you saw on my phone earlier today, I also felt your hand brushing my body
Me – Aah mam, I won’t lie anymore, I am sorry, I saw your *blushing*…..

Neha- Common say it, I promise I won’t tell anyone!
Me – I saw your body and could not control myself, I am really sorry.
Neha – Hahahahahh you naughty guy, you just saw some part of it and yet got a hard on ???
( I was astonished to hear this from my teacher)
I kept mum

Neha – Hehe, speak up. I know what you feel and don’t consider it bad, even I don’t consider porn as bad. Be practical……..
Me – I gathered courage and said – Mam you are insisting so I have to say it – I loved your breasts mam
Neha – You didn’t even see them if you promise to take this as an adult and keep mum about all that follows,
Me – What ?? I am being bold, but mam yes, I get your point and I am ready for it! Please, mam, I am mature enough and know human needs, so please let’s not judge each other………

Neha – great, don’t judge me and I won’t judge you, Just close the bio lab door and see to it that no one it there outside.

I closed the door, she called the security cabin and told them not to lock the 2nd floor as we have some work to finish and we will lock it after we are done! She also told the security not to disturb in the lab as some important work is being done! I locked the wooden door and came back

Me – Mam so what were you saying.
Neha – Don’t act foolishly. You are allowed to do whatever you want, I won’t scold you!
Me – That’s fine then, please show me your breasts mam I am dying to see those melons
Neha – That’s my boy, remove your shirt and pant, get in your underwear!
Me – what if anyone comes
Neha – No one will come, I stay here many times to finish my tasks and no one comes, we won’t leave so late, I will drop you home so don’t worry, your parents also won’t know!

I then removed my shirt shyly! I was still feeling shy getting naked in front of my hot busty teacher, she unbuttoned her dress and took it out revealing her bra, she had worn a black bra (32D), she stared at me lustfully and I lost my senses! I just threw my shirt and shorts and just held her by the neck and started smooching her! She was surprised by the sudden change in my attitude but responded greatly! She smooched back and we hugged tightly as we smooched.

My hand slid to her back and I pushed her back, she felt the pain and tried to scream, As she tried to scream I inserted my tongue more in her mouth and we kept kissing passionately. I was feeling her warm body against my chest and her breaths against my face! We kept our lip lock for at least 10mins, she then sat on a table and teased me by making expressions.

I quickly held her and just unhooked her bra and threw it away from her! I pulled her and started massaging her big beautiful breasts! Her big white breasts had brownish nipples and were just bouncing by my touch! My dick was throbbing real hard just after removing her bra, I placed my palms on her brown nipples and started slowly squeezing them! She was unable to control the moans and let out one aah!

I squeezed and squeezed her melons and kept licking her neck and placing lips on her shoulder region! She was breathing heavily, I licked her neck and then pinched her nipples! I could feel her nipples getting hard and I kissed on it. I placed kisses all over her breasts and nipples and felt her body heating up! She stood up and we hugged tightly and kissed more! Finally after having a passionate session of boob squeezing hugging licking and kissing we separated.

We both were horny but didn’t have time. She said let’s continue this some other time and that time there will be no clothes! I was surprised At her eagerness to be fucked! I said, ok miss! She started dressing up, I said don’t wear your bra mam, just keep it inside your bag!

She was surprised at this statement but somehow agreed! We locked the lab and the floor gate and left! She lived near me, my house was on the of her house so she was going to drop me on way back, on her scooter I enjoyed squeezing her ass and fondling boobs over her dress when the road was lonely!